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Removing magnet wire enamel coating Insulation

3. Using acetylsalicylic acid found in aspirin drug:

[1] Put the wire (end) on top of the aspirin tablet. 
[2] Now using hot soldering iron, press against the wire (and tablet).
[3] Hold for 2-3 sec, then check for removal of coating.
[4] Repeat the process if necessary. 
[5] Clean the wire.
This can be combined with usage of smooth sandpaper (see 2).

Monday, March 23, 2015

Basic Soldering Lessons

Basic Soldering Lessons (1-9) ,youtube playlist:

(Produced by PACE, Inc.)

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AC Generator frequency as a function of RPM

w - angular velocity.
f - frequency (number of cycles per second, expressed in Hz).
P - number of poles (= N + S poles. ).
P/2 - number of pole pairs. Above generator example has two poles and one pole pair.
Ns - number of revolutions per second 
Nm - number of revolutions per minute

w=2Pi*f = (P/2) * N * 2Pi * 1/sec